What is Counselling?

Life is complicated and invariably throws us many challenges, twists and turns, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. And we usually find ways of coping, thanks to the help of family and friends. There may be stages in our lives, however, when events contrive to make life seem more complicated than ever; it is at these points that one might benefit from counselling.

It could be that relationships feel difficult or elusive. Life can feel lonely, empty and sad or more bleak than usual, and you may feel the need for more support. This is where a counsellor may help. I am simply someone who has been trained to be a more effective listener than most.

I believe that taking the first step towards finding a counsellor can be daunting and you may want to meet a few prospective counsellors before finding which one you want to go with. Recent research suggests a good relationship between counsellor and client is the most important factor in successful counselling; to really explore issues and relationships it’s important that you feel safe and comfortable. So to talk and possibly arrange a meeting please call or e-mail me. I will arrange to contact you within 24 hrs. Calls are confidential and I will check whether it is a convenient time.

Things we discuss will be treated in full accordance with BACP guidelines, as I abide by their code of conduct and ethics. For more general information about counselling why not look at the BACP website?